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"......brought alive my sex drive." - Roanoke, VA

"Makes me feel sexy and sensuous. I'm ready all the time, my husband loves it." - Largo, MD

" I had terrific results. My natural lubrication has increased, my sex drive was revived, and my orgasms have become intensified. This has made a big difference in my life." - Westminster, CA

"I reach climax almost every time now....they are very intense." - Irving, TX

"I have used Ascend for the last several months. I take medications for blood pressure (beta blocker) and an anti-depressant...both known to cause a decrease in libido. My sexual desire was evaporating and at 40 I was seriously discouraged. My husband and I argued...never talked. He didn't understand me....we NEVER talked. Now...I take Ascend and I have found a new sexual desire and interest in my husband. WE TALK!!! We actually talk all the time about everything. My husband cannot believe the difference in me and neither can I. I feel fabulous with new found energy, a sense of well-being, happiness, and I feel sexy!!! I can't tell you what it means to have my life back. The fact that I feel better sexually is fabulous, but to have the sense of well-being and feeling GOOD about everything is unbelievable. Thank you, for turning my life around. I felt like my marriage was lacking so many things...not ending...just co-existing. Now, talking has opened so many doors for me and my husband. Thank you again, You are the GREATEST!!!" - Sharon A

"Several weeks ago I ordered a bottle of Ascend for women. After having used it for only a week, my husband and I noticed a big difference. We recommended it to friends and family, and so far all report good success." - Boston, Ma

"I have many more sexual thoughts...it makes me horny." - Iowa City, IA

"I like the over all feeling of well-being." - Cicero, NY

"I thought I could get something similar at my local Herb store. Well, I tried something that the store said would do the same for me as the Ascend. What happened ? I got terrible intestinal cramps and diarrhea for everyday I took the other product. So I am definitely returning to purchasing your Ascend and won't try others. Thanks for a great product!" - Laura K.


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